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Dynamite: Invincible Red Sonja #4

Issue 4 of Invincible Red Sonja really kicks things up a level. So if you are not caught up let me fill you in on all that has happened. 

Our titular hero finds herself playing the role of bodyguard to a princess, one who is soon to be married. All is well until a crown needed to complete the wedding ceremony is taken and Sonja, as usual, throws herself into danger to bring the crown home.

Now I am skipping a lot so if possible I highly recommend you check out issues One, Two and Three.

Just to warn you there will be a few light spoilers, so maybe instead of reading this you go grab yourself a copy of this great book.

If you are into swords and sorcery then this book has you covered, it is a fantastical romp. One that see’s Red Sonja fight a thief, a sorcerer, monsters and then charge two armies. Yes, this is as action packed as a comic book can be.

Though heavy on the action writers Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palamiotti never let the story get boring, they have a few twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat. As always Moritat is just one of the industries best artists, of you are not familiar with their work then this is the perfect place to start.

A great addition to an amazing series and it is on sale now, so please check it out.

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