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Dynamite: Invincible Red Sonja #3

On the eve of a historic wedding a priceless crown needed to complete the ceremony has been stolen.  With no clear signs of who completed this heinous crime it has been left to Red Sonja to track down the missing crown and save this marriage before it has even begun.

This issue see’s Red Sonja go all Batman and investigate the criminal underworld to find the one and only person that could have stolen this crown. Though her investigating is more, umm violent that other comic book detectives. In fact it is violence that extends over most of the issue and is really fun to read and never dull. Mix that with a little exposition and lots of teasing of what is yet to come and you can call me addicted. Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner have once again outdone themselves.

And I would be letting you all down if I did not mention the gorgeous art and colouring by Moritat and Matt Carter respectively, they have truly brought this world to life.

If you are into fantasy then this is the series for you and this newest issue will be on sale from the 14th f July 2021


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