Amouranth Takes Her French Maid Uniform To Costco

If you where a fan of Amouranth‘s original French Maid video then prepare to celebrate for she has brought the costume back and this time she is taking it to Costco. Complete with hilarious reactions from the the average shopper. She manages to get a fairly mixed reception from men and women a like, with at least one teenage boy possibly having a heart attack at the site of the women in her Maid’s uniform.

When her camera operator asks her why she is doing this she admits it is all to get more Pokeball’s for Pokemon go and well we cant fault her for that. In the end some may write this off as cheap click bait for her to get more likes and I cannot deny that but she does it in such blatant fashion that she jumps right into satire and the whole farce becomes even funnier. 

If you are worried about the video being needlessly perverse I personally found it more spoof than sexy and seeing the general public’s reactions to anything remotely outrageous is always funny, especially when its dudes trying to have a little sneak peek without getting caught, this only becomes funnier when you notice that the lady they are with has already stolen a glance.

If you are a fan of Amouranth then you should check out her links below:






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