Ten Of The Most Desirable Women In Gaming

This was a tough list to come up with and is by no means the definitive list, these are just my personal preferences and in no way is this serious.  if you think I missed someone you love, please comment below.


Ann/Makoto Persona 5

I know what you are all thinking, either dude these girls are high school girls or, FFS at number 10 and you have already put 2 girls in one place. Well first of all, they are so low because they are high school girls and secondly they are not real so I think this one is ok. Both Ann and Makoto have gained a die hard fan base so I guess I am far from the worst. Though they are both obviously beautiful, one with deep blue eyes and the other with stunning red ones. They both kick ass and are strong willed women who are willing to do what ever it takes to reach their goals, which makes them rather admirable.


THE GIRLS OF Dead Or Alive

How the tell was I supposed to pick just one, so once again I am going to break the rules and through caution to the wind, because after all Variety is the spice of life.


Lara Croft – Tomb Raider

The second women to take the world of video games by storm this British born bad-ass is the quintessential adventurer. Not only that the girl knows about perseverance and has the drive to go beyond what most others can. What guy wouldn’t want to get stuck in an exotic location with her?


Samus Aran – Metroid

The original gaming bad-ass herself, Samus shocked the world when she was revealed as a women and thus the first gaming crush was born. She has managed to wipe out an entire alien species, be a better interstellar bounty hunter than Bobba Fett, kicked ass in Smash Bro’s and all along the way never let her sexuality define her, yes I may be in love.


Yuna – Final Fantasy X2

One of my personal original video game crushes, she was adorable in the original Final Fantasy X but by X2 she had blossomed into a much more confident and bad-ass character. Dropping her healing spells in favour of twin gins and showing off some well toned legs, yes this women is going to break some hearts. Plus I am sucker for Heterochromia iridium.

Though It is hard to deny that Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII was almost as beautiful as Yuna.


Sophitia – Soul Caliber / Jaina Proudmoore – Warcraft

Another double and this time it is all about the blondes. First off we have Sophitia, the reason I became fascinated with the Soul series, she was cute but deadly not only that but she was chosen by the God’s themselves to go hunt down the personification of pure evil and she looks dam good in a skirt yes this girl oozes sex.

As for Miss Proudmoore, Jaina has been through her fair share of tragedies, having to watch friends die, or even fight her own father, but this has never caused her to falter, in fact this has only strengthened her resolve, though her path has become much darker than what it once was. She is regal, powerful and one of Azeroth’s most respected inhabitants, a true force to be reckoned with.


Tali – Mass Effect Series

When playing through  the first version of Mass Effect I could not help but crush on the dorky alien girl. Yes I had no idea what was under that mask, but her personality was all that mattered. Then she returned in the second game, fierce, determined and showing off those curves, plus as we found out under the mask she was extremely beautiful, so yes I feel like the choice here was an easy one.

Ok, so maybe easy was an overstatement, I think that all the women of Mass Effect deserve a mention, c’mon it is the only game that gives you Jessica Chobot as a romance option, mix in psychic’s, cyborgs, androids, thieves, aliens, a serial killer and some average humans and well you have a great time just waiting for you.


Litchi Faye-Ling – 

Not only is she a renowned doctor but this women can and will kick your ass if your cross her. An alluring mix of courteous, sexy, and intelligent she has dedicated her life to helping those around her. Around this women you will always be her inferior but what makes her so amazing is that she will never let you feel that way. In combat she can mentally control her staff which gives her a serious edge and on top of that, lets not deny this could be handy in the bedroom too. So do you think you could handle her?


2B – Neir Automata

With 2B you might run into some problems as she is not exactly human, she is an all-purpose battle android, deployed as a member of the automated YoRHa infantry.

Though one must wonder what her designers where thinking, because it appears that they where striving for perfection in humanities last hope. Like so many others on this list she is driven and determined, she never backs down and she is willing to go up against foes well out of her weight category.



It was easy for me to pick which game I was going for, it had to be Overwatch, though I did struggle with who to pick, because there are so many awesome women in the game.

I seriously considered Sombra, Mei, D.Va and Widowmaker but all had to be rejected. 

Sombra- Untrustowrthy

Mei – Out of Principal

D.VA- Too Young

Widowmaker – Likely to kill me.

In the end there was only one logical choice, Mercy.

What can I say the girl has range, she can go from take you home to momma to your son calls me momma in the click of a finger. Plus if you are someone that likes their curves, great legs, an intelligent women, a brave partner and someone with their shit together then Mercy is the enchantress that you need.

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