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Dynamite: The Invincible Red Sonja #2

Gone are the high seas and into the big city we go, for this week our sword wielding warrior maiden is going to take on the role of bodyguard to a princess. This is a quest where red Sonja will need to fend off old enemies, and new ones alike, all the while trying to make sure a wedding happens..

Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner have done a great job teasing this one out. Their pacing is near perfect and not only that but so far, they have kept exposition limited and realistic. This issue fills us in on the political situation of the kingdom, Red Sonja’s origin and the fact that magic exists in this world. We even find ourselves introduced to what I assume is the majority of our main cast. So if you missed issue 1 then do not fret because it is not to late to get into this story.

The Invincible red Sonja seems to have a great balance within the story too, this issue alone has some great fight sequences, a lot of humor – especially a hilarious reference to Monty Python and a few umm suggestive scenes, that will easily get the blood flowing. It really has everything. That is not to mention the art and colors by Moritat and Matt Carter respectively both of which help to bring this fantastical world to life.

Another great release by Dynamite and one that I think you should all check out.

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