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Can People Please Stop Sexualising Rebecca from Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

Before I get into this silly little rant I just want to make a couple of things clear. I am a big fan of this series, I thought the animation was gorgeous, voice acting was spot on, the soundtrack is currently on my phone and I just loved the plot. It was Studio Trigger at their finest.

Edgerunners was a story that brought me to an incredible high, only to dump me at an emotional low, and it did all this while staying true to its source material and making me want more.

Part of the reason Edgerunners was able to do this was by its fun, thoughtful and engaging cast of characters, one of which I am here to talk about today.

The Character in question is Rebecca. Rebecca is a tiny trigger happy cyborg, and though she has a foul mouth and loves her big guns she is a surprisingly sensitive soul. Rebecca quickly won over a legion of fans and for me it was the fact that here you had this adorable tiny woman, which just happened to be armed to the teeth, with giant cybernetic fists.

I will admit I myself am one of her fans, at first I found it was a little weird to see her being sexual to one of their targets in her first appearance, but I quickly grew to love watching her gun down enemies. Then later she was one of the few characters who actually tried to talk sense into our protagonist and it just showed that this little killer had a big heart.

But this is the internet and we cannot have nice things without someone inevitably sexualizing it. Take this thread I came across on Reddit. The thread shows off a great piece of art, the only issue I have is that the art is of Rebecca, completely naked. And yes the character is above the age of 18, but she was designed to look young on purpose by the Trigger, which is fine as long as she is not being sexualised, so I find it strange that people are happy to share their attraction to the character. The defense that many of these fans have is that she is “short” again this is true, but the character is described by the show’s creators as “loli”. This means that she is a childlike female character, and that is where I become uncomfortable with these fans.

True she is over 18, but she looks like a child and acts like a child, then sorry that shit is just fucked up. Also if you where going to obsess over anyone in the series why not pick the cold calculating Kiwi or Lucy who was clearly designed to be every males fantasy.

Lucy is clearly the more responsible choice

Btw if you were a fan of this and want more then check out Kill la Kill, Darling in the Franxx and their additions to Star Wars: Visions.

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