Soulja Boy Throws A Ridiculous Temper Tantrum Over An Honest Review

Many of you will know Soulja Boy AKA DeAndre Cortez Way as a Rapper, music producer and founder of Stacks on Deck Entertainment, but did you know that he is has tried to get into the gaming industry?

Back in 2018 he released his first video game console – the SouljaGame. Upon release it drew various criticisms for its price and functionality. The console had a short but turbulent history one that is really worth checking out.

But all that is in the past, it is 2021 and Soulja Boy has decided to have another crack at getting into the console market. BTW I am not going to shit on him for that decision, I have a lot of respect for anyone willing to pick themselves up and try again. So let me introduce you to the TRDR…

As with any new product the team behind it decided to reach out to influencers. One such person was Gamer Sunpi.  In the run up to the her review Sunpi made it clear that she was going to be honest with her review and not just cave in and praise the TRDR just because she got it for free.

So then came the her review.

If you have not guessed the review is not flattering…

I should point out, it is not just Sunpi giving it a bad review. The TRDR pocket is almost universally disliked. Their social media is filled with random photos of people “using” their console and I had to actually go searching to see what games it had. You should never have to do that with a console, their gaming library should be obvious.

On top of that it uses outdated hardware and costs a lot more than it is worth. Though the console actually looks pretty cool and has Netflix and Youtube on it, but I do not need my handheld consule to have Youtube and Netflix, my phone already does that. Gamers do not want to watch stuff on their consoles they want to play games on them.  Anyway I am getting side tracked, Soulja Boy heard about the negative review and decided to behave like a fucking child and call Sunpi out on it.

First off all, all he has done is call attention to one review, which is just amateur, but secondly did he really need to call her bitch?

The answer is no, it is childish and sexist.

Little advise to SouljaBoy  as a rule of thumb, if you are ever going to accuse someone of lying you better have something to back up your claims, because it seems Soulja boy is full of shit…

That is just one piece of evidence against Souljaboy…

The rest is quite damming. 

Now obviously he did not send this himself, I doubt he has to much to do with the company, but the way he has handled this is pathetic. Meanwhile Sunpi, who has a much smaller audience, has handled the entire situation with a combination of wit, grace and charm (plus a little delightful musical number).

And to make matters more interesting it seems that TRDR are now distancing themselves from Souljaboy. It seems this console is completely doomed and I guess having the celebrity face of the company call attention to one review is not helping.

Anyway long story short Sunpi is kicking ass and her fans love her for it.

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