The Ten Most Beautiful Women in Gaming

I know I did one of these a few years ago, but let’s face it I have changed and grown as a person so I am allowed a redo. Besides it is my site so I can do whatever I want.

Sophitia – Soulcalibur

To kick this list off I am going back to what I think may be my original video game crush, Sophitia Alexandria from the Soulcalibur series. And I am going all the way back to Soul Blade for this one. So first off she has a badass combination of Sword and Shield, secondly she never gives into evil and thirdly she was a baker before she was a warrior, so what is there not to love?

And yes I won’t deny that teenage me was enthralled by the mix of short skirt, thigh high boots and top that is very good at showing off “the goods”. But for me it was more than just that, she was just a really cool character who was willing to throw herself into battle at a moment’s notice. And thus she is the perfect way to start this list off.

Jill Valentine – Resident Evil 3 2020

If you know me you will know that Resident Evil 3 is not my idea of a good time, the thought of being hunted by a near invincible superhuman that wants to kill me is right up there with being locked in a house with a killer family. When I play videogames I play them to chill out and unwind, not to face off against the undead. Yet I am all too happy to take the hand of Jill Valentine and face down certain death together.

Jill is a complete badass, there really is no better word to describe her. If I was trapped in Resident Evil 3 there is no doubt I would probably give in and end my life, but Jill she grabs some guns and takes out what ever enemies come her way.

D.Va – Overwatch

Hana Song aka is my main in Overwatch and yes when I did my previous list Mercy was my top pick, and part of me still loves that Swiss Doctor, but when it comes down to it D.Va was and always will be my main.

In the universe of Overwatch she was a professional Star Craft player, which is just cool, who was drafted into the Korean Military in order to pilot a Mecha and defend South Korea from attacks by Robots. If you watch her short, shooting star, you can easily see that she is quirky, brave and skilled. Mix that with a women who has her own one of a kind style and it is to see why D.Va is one of my favourites.

2B – Neir Automata

So this one is an Andriod, which may be a little weird but when it comes down to it, they built her to perfection. Not only built to perfection but then placed in this beautiful Haute Couture uniform and she is just stunning. But due to the complexity of the game and spoilers I really cannot say much more about 2B. Just give the game and go and you will see I feel the way I do.

Sniper Wolf – Metal Gear Solid

I know many of you will be hoping for other more liberally dressed characters from the Metal Gear franchise to appear on my list, but sorry Sniper Wolf will always be the best to me. Unlike many of the characters introduced later in the series her abilities where not so fantastical, she was an elite sniper who could do without food or sleep for a week, while laying constantly still.

Her backstory is probably one of the most tragic on this list, if not the most – especially since it has links to real world events. Sniper Wolf is an Iraqi Kurd and if you know anything about the Kurds, especially those from Iraq they have faced a lot of tragedy and to this day still face a lot of hardships. Her family was killed by Saddam Hussein’s forces and she was taken in by a state boarding school only to eventually end up serving the infamous Big Boss. She was a truly fascinating and indeering character. One that yes was absolutely gorgeous, plus a sniper which is apparently a thing for me.

Sylvanis Windrunner – Warcraft Franchise

Ahhh proof that part of me is a narcissist and thinks, sure she is kind of bad but I could change her…

And yes she is dead, and yes she has done a lot of bad things and yes once again she is dead, but dam those hips don’t lie.

Sylvanis is one of Warcrafts most tragic characters, she was killed and raised to undeath by a former ally only to break free and form her own faction, eventually finding a home for those like her in the Horde. Along the way she has made many mistakes but her drive and passion are hard to resist. Besides are you going to say no to her?

Tali’Zorah – Mass Effect 1 – 3

Tali’Zorah, Tali for short, will be a controversial addition to this list. Mass effect fans are notoriously defensive of their crushes with Kaiden Stans and lovers of the Blue Skinned Liara always being quick to jump to the defence of their preferred paramore. But for many of us players it was Tali who won our heart.

When we first meet Tali in the series she is alone in the universe on a pilgrimage to prove her worth to her people.

Isolated from her people and isolated from the rest of your team, her species cannot survive without complex life support suits, it takes you some time to see who she really is. Once you peel back those layers you find this tech loving, sweet and caring character that will do anything to help her people. By the third game she has become a leader of her species and is ready to fight by your side to save the universe. Well that’s if you manage not to mess up all the choices and do everything you can to keep her alive throughout the second and third games.

Tae Takemi – Persona 5

I know Persona 5 had plenty of men drooling over members of the Phantom Thieves but personally it was always a choice between Sadayo Kawakami and Tae Takemi. And these days it is hard to resist a gothic themed doctor with a knowledge of Japanese Folklore. This women has brains and style and the brief time that you spend with her is incredibly compelling.

So this is one Doctors check up that I won’t be missing.

Aerith Gainsborough FF7 Remake

Right Tifa Stans will be wanting me dead for this one and yes I did consider Tifa, but also Jessie and Kyrie Canaan too but for me when it comes down to it Aerith was always the one. From the moment you meet her you see that she is kind, yet a little manipulative but in the way that you know if you take this girls hand you would be happy to walk through the fires of hell with her. Yet this is no damsel in distress, as she will be the one saving you, and looking cute while doing it.

Throughout the game Aerith constantly proves how brave she is and throws herself into some very harrowing situations, ones that most sane people would avoid. While not in combat you spend time at her charming home and find out that she is quite the gardener, which is just a great skill to have. Put all that in a package of beautiful green eyes and combat boots and I am in love.

Panam Palmer

And finally we have Panam Palmer. Cyberpunk 2077 gave me several choices for this one and yes Judy had crossed my mind, but so did Rouge, Evelyn Parker and Hanako Arasaka in the end it had to be Panam.

First of all she has a kick ass car, secondly she is a sniper (told you that would pop up again), thirdly she helps you create a tiny nuclear explosion, hijack a train, steal a tank and commit a prison break. This is the kind of women I need in my life, someone that pushes me to do crazy shit that no one else could make me do.

But beyond all that she is surprisingly sweet, she would be the kind of person to give you a warm hug, probably after kicking your ass. She would take a bullet for her friends and is absolutely drop dead gorgeous. And as much as I love the cyborg and punk aesthetic that many of the characters in the game have, it is hard to resist Panam’s less augmented look.

So that is my ten, are there any you disagree with or did I pick the correct options?

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