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Felix Gaeta

Continuing this week’s theme of LGB Themed articles I’m following on with Felix Gaeta, from the reimagined Battle Star Galactica series. A bisexual character I thought this would be nice because I find most fictional characters are straight or gay was interesting to see this for a change. Once again there will be spoilers.


When the series began he was known among the crew for his good natured, friendly and idealistic way of looking at life. Over time this is worn away and he is left bitter, angry but still idealistic. A well-educated man he wanted to do great things, build something be someone, in many ways he succeeded in this, but it’s a case of be careful what you wish for.

Examples of his brilliance are when he figures out how to get Galactica back to the fleet when they are both separated, the fact he was selected to help develop a Cylon detection device, his political status, his role in the New Caprica rebellion and his eventual mutiny. These are not the actions of the mundane these are the attributes of someone filled with greatness, but better suited for peace time.

As a character he faced many hardships, he was over worked, and nearly killed many times, under appreciated by his superiors, eventually hated for his supposed role in oppressing the masses, nearly killed for it, he lost his leg and eventually saw one of his best friends commit suicide, these drove him to try and over throw the present government and military, leading to one of the series best plot lines and some brilliant acting.


This failed attempt at taking control of his destiny may have been evil but it was made with not good, but great intentions, his final moments showed a man who had accepted his destiny and was able to stand up and face the consequences of his actions.

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