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Loras Tyrell

We promised you articles on homosexual characters and we are going to give you those articles. So kicking it off is Loras Tyrell from a song of ice and Fire (Game of Thrones). WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD.



This picture just screams ‘Bitch Please’

Who is he?

Youngest son of House Tyrell, former love to the pretender King Renely and Brother to queen Margery.

Why do we love him?

This guy is simply put a badass, yes he is pretty and has very pretty armour, but he took down the Mountain (if you haven’t read or seen any of the fiction this guy is huge) in a tournament. Has earned some respect from Jamie Lannister, who notes that they are very similar and he is a complete playa (yes I said playa). He takes part in many battles and even recaptures Dragonstone for the royal family, though at great cost.

Half the women in the seven kingdoms want to be with him and half the men want to be him, shame they all will be let down. He is so skilled they keep him close to his sister to protect her from King Joffery, that’s how badass he is.

He started off in a rather minor role but as risen to become very important throughout the series, one of the few non POV characters I love to follow.

As usual I won’t say too much as I don’t want to give more away than is needed.

Quotes About him

“ He answered truly. He is proud and reckless and full of piss, but he is not false. Not yet.” Jamie Lannister


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