Charlie Bradbury

For our 3rd article I thought we could have a brief look at Charlie Bradbury from seasons 7 and 8 of Supernatural.


Who is she?

Charlie is a well massive nerd who helps Dean and Sam take down Dick in the last season of supernatural.

Why do we love her?

From her series entrance, including walking on sunshine, to her appearance as a Queen in a LARP she has become a fan favourite. Her 3 episodes have shown some character development which makes fans think we will be getting more from her.


Played by Felicia Day, Charlie is everything Nerd, referencing all things game and Sci-fi, plus giving us some awesome quotes. Her Second appearance in LARP and the real girl, was one of the highlights of season 8, especially taking Dean as her handmaiden.  When she returned for her third appearance she came back with her theme (walking on sunshine) and a more advanced way to track all things supernatural, which made Sam a little green with envy.

Fans only got three episodes and they want more so fingers crossed for season 9, she has the makings of a great hunter


‘Are you going to invite me into your dungeon, or I gotta answer your “questions three” first?’

‘Come with me if you want to live! (Dean stares at her) I’ve always wanted to say that.’

‘Apart from the fact that you blocked me from banging a fairy and I’m about to go lose my crown in battle thanks to my army being decimated, yeah, totally good.’

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