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Karolina Dean

In NG’s salute to homosexual characters in fiction I thought Karolina Dean would make a fitting addition.


Who is she?

Karolina (Formerly Lucy in the sky) is the daughter of fictional Hollywood actors Leslie and Frank Dean, they just happen to be Alien Invaders from the Planet Majesdane. After her and her friends discover that their parents are all secretly super villains they do everything they can to stop them, at great cost.

Why do we love her?


Originally she was perceived (only by herself) as a freak hiding who she really was, her alien physiology and sexuality both causing her great distress, but over time she has evolved as a person and understands that these two facts are not her whole. This has led to her to become a stronger character.


From the spoilt rich vegan girl, to runaway semi super hero, she helps take on and defeat some of Thor’s oldest enemies, takes part in a disastrous intergalactic war and even travels back in time. This girl has come a long way since she first appeared and is what I describe as a badass with a touch of class.


Best Issues

Probably the beginning of Volume 2 of the runaways (She leaves for a while after that).


— Runaways Vol 2 #8

Man, I am so tired of fighting. Why can’t we all just get along?

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