Our Top Music Video’s for 2015

With this year drawing to a close, I thought I’d end the year with my top picks for the best music video’s for 2015.

10. Lindsey Stirling ft Dia Frampton We Are Giants

I am a huge fan of everything this lady does. The videos she comes out with are always so inventive, her music is a great mix of genre’s and this video is further proof of that. It’s a little dorky and lots of fun.


9. Bloc Party

Bloc Party is a group that have really grown on me over the years. Bloc Party have this great fun track that you can’t help but groove to, it’s a fun dance track and it shows the band have continued to evolve, the new band mates seem to have added a new touch to the track. It’s a unique experience that stands out from everything I have seen and heard this year with some stunning visuals of a basic white background and people just giving into the music. It’s something that I kind of want to take part in.


8. David Bowie

When it comes to David Bowie, an explanation is not required.

7. Zibra

This is just another great super happy and fun track which you can’t help but sing along to when this comes on the radio. It was introduced to me by one of our other writers and this was one of the themes to Eirtakon 2015, it’s a new band that I am looking forward to hearing more from. The video seems to show a group of people past their prime going a little crazy with this great single shot that is fluid and colourful all at once.

6. Carly Rae Jepson

I don’t even like this song but fuck it, Tom Hanks is just so damn likeable I had to put this in here.

This is Tom shooting all the HATERS down

This is Tom shooting all the HATERS down.

5. Wild Wild Horses

I had to put these as a group because they all go so well together. Any iZombie  and Once Upon a Time fans should keep an eye out for Rose McIver and Jennifer Morrison who both star in the video’s. I won’t say too much because it’s a great story but the emotions the videos capture are brilliant and I look forward to hearing more from the Wild Wild Horses.


4. Taylor Swift

This was the power play by TS or it’s the ultimate poser video. I can’t really say I know where I stand on it but with pretty ladies, guns and explosions, I dare say I never stood a chance. Joseph Khan has really out done himself in this Mission Impossible inspired music video packed with quite the cast :



3. Macklemore

I only saw this video earlier this month but man I love this video, it’s like they gave Macklemore a blank cheque and said guys go crazy. The video is over the top and utterly mental and Macklemore surprises us by showing off some dance moves and having way too much fun, man I want my own moped.


2. Jack Garratt

This is a nice simple and kind of elegant video, it really just speaks for itself.


Before we reveal or my number one pick, here are a few honorary mentions:

1. Grimes

Grimes is one of the hottest up and coming artists, she is someone who has been around for years and is finally getting the recognition she deserves, her videos and music are the ultimate artistic expression of being talented knowing it and not giving a fuck, this video is weird yet perfect and that is why its my number one pick.


Dishonorable Mention : Drake

I’ve heard several people call Drake the anti-Kanye and I suppose it’s totally true especially after watching him in his music video for ‘Hotline Bling.’ In the video he is rocking that owl hoodie and has that WTF? attitude as he doesn’t give a damn with the dance moves that he is busting out. The video in my opinion is awful but it’s also hypnotic in that it’s so bad it’s a good kind of way, like if ‘The Room‘ became a music video but cool. This is one of those videos that makes you wonder what where they thinking, but hey people seem to love it and its created some of the best vines I have ever seen, so it deserves a dishonourable mention at least.


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