Daddy’s Home (2015) Film Review

I’ll start this review by being brutally honest: while I did go into this film with rather low expectations, by the end credits I was both pleasantly, and thankfully, surprised. The movie certainly didn’t drone on, which is always a plus, and I didn’t leave the screening wanting more, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. As a whole, it was an enjoyable experience. That being said, it’s not a movie I’ll be rushing back to see any time soon, but it was good all the same.


The ‘Ferrell + Wahlberg’ combination has been seen before in the buddy cop flick ‘The Other Guys’ and while I wasn’t too keen on that movie, ‘Daddy’s Home’ definitely delivered on what it intended to: comedy. There were scenes where I couldn’t help but laugh, it’s probably because of this that I had a relatively positive opinion looking back on this title. The film even included a nod to ‘Guardian’s of the Galaxy’ near the end, which was just icing on the cake at that point.


The synopsis of the film is that Brad, (Will Ferrell), has always wanted to be a Dad. However, due to an accident at a dental clinic leaving him infertile, that dream was dashed. That is, until he meets the beautiful Sarah, (Linda Cardellini), and becomes a stepfather to her two kids Megan and Dylan, (Scarlett Estevez and Owen Vaccaro). Life is tough at first for Ferrell as his new stepkids are rather unforgiving, finding it hard to adjust to their life with a new father figure in the picture. As time goes on, the kids gradually get closer to their new Dad and all is well.


Then the phone rings.


Enter Dusty, (played by Mark Wahlberg), the ‘brawling biker bad boy’. Wahlberg being the kids’ biological father does not deem Ferrell to be worthy of being a husband or father to his family and thus ensues an hour long stint of back and forth between the two Dads. Boys never really become men, they just grow up to be bigger boys.


I enjoy both Ferrell’s and Wahlberg’s works, they’re both talented actors in their own right and Ferrell is particularly enjoyable as I’m a fan of his Saturday Night Live work. As I’ve mentioned before, ‘The Other Guys’ fell short for me. Despite this, ‘Daddy’s Home’ has certainly shown me that the ‘FerrWhal’ combo can work and I’m quite pleased that my perspective was given something to think about.


I could try to fault this film but when the pros drown out the cons I don’t see any point in needlessly spoiling the good. Putting it simply, it’s a pleasant, well delivered film with the right amount of humour. It doesn’t try too hard, (for the most part), and doesn’t appear forced. (It could have used a little more cowbell.)

To those of you reading this review I’ll say this: If you’re the type of person who enjoys their cinema, and visits often, you will not leave disappointed if you decide to see this movie.

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