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I found your next Podcast obsession

As many of you know I’ve been working late nights and it involves being locked up in an office alone for hours on end. While working there is nothing quite like a good podcast to help make the long hours less lonely, and if you know me at all you will know that I have been following the work of Andy Luke for a while so to hear that he has been working on a disc world themed podcast, well colour me intrigued.

I’ve Never Read Discworld, which Andy Luke co-hosts with Belfast writing alum, PJ Hart. Since PJ has read most of the books and Andy hasn’t they put their talents together to go through each book in chronological order. With no spoilers.

I’ve Never Read Discworld is already a success. They have been widely embraced by Pratchett fans who made their first episode rank #48 in the Apple UK podcasts about books category. And things are only growing from there so right now is the time to get on this train.

If you are curious then please check out this link.





 I’ve Never Read Discworld

Drew and Look Podcast

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