One Fan Decided To Treat Amouranth

When last we heard about Amouranth we had found out that she was secretly married and that her husband was also her manager and he had been pushing her to do more and more, even when she did not want to. On top of all that he had been abusive and threatening to her. Fortunately, Amouranth seems to have moved on from him and is in a better place, she is still streaming and posting to her more adult accounts, but she is doing it for herself, at her own pace.

Of course, this has not been the only dark twist her story has taken recently, she also had a stalker track her down and try and get to her. Fortunately, one fan has decided to step in and help.

One anonymous fan sent her quite the care package.

The fan sent her;

.A Taser
.And a yet to be activated phone with two numbers – their own number and access to a pre-paid bodyguard service.

There was a note too. According to Amouranth there was no creepy expectations from it, such as demanding sexy or marriage, in stead it was quite genuine and anonymous. There is a chance that this is some creepy wanting something in return, or it is a prank, but currently it seems like this is just a decent person who is looking to do Amouranth a good deed, which is heart warming and certainly something to help redeem ones faith in humanity.

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