BLACKPINK Are Entering The World of Gaming

Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I need to take a little doubletake to make sure I have seen YouTube correctly. And on this one it turns out I have, it seems that the talented and beautiful women that comprise BLACKPINK are collaborating with PUBG Mobile.

So in case you are oblivious to BLACKPINK and PUBG Mobile lets fill you in. PUBG Mobile is a free to play battle royal video game, it’s a mobile game developed from PUBG: Battlegrounds – PUBG Standing for Player Unknown’s Battleground. It has been going since 2018 and has quite the fan base and you can play it on Android or IOS.

As for BLACKPINK, they are currently one of South Koreas biggest exports. This girl group is comprised of Jisoo, Jennie, Rose and Lisa and they have had hit after hit across the world. They have topped the Billboard World Digital Song Sales three times and this is only one of their many achievements, what I am trying to say is this quartet is a big deal and anything they lend their name to tends to do well.

So what is this collaboration?

Well it involves the group dropping a new track and new video for the game.


Not only that but this surprise event has a unique theme and you can even win a signed copy of their new album. If anything this is a great way to help bring in new players and also get some people who have grown bored of the game to come back into the fold.

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