Moonage Daydream is What Every David Bowie Fan Needs

With the films world premier only days away Brett Morgen has finally given the world a first look at his, what looks to be, breathe taking documentary about the one and only David Bowie. Not only will this documentary cover Bowies illustrious music career but it will delve into every other artistic endeavour that this once in a generation artist has worked on. These includes his movies, theatre, painting and sculpting. Though I hope it covers his mime work, he made this old short film about a mask using the mime work that still haunts me and if you can find it please see it, I also hope the film touches on his fashion and even his early social activism. All I can say is if you do not know much about David Bowie I feel Moonage Daydream will be a great start, and if you are a fan I am sure you will still want to watch it.

If you are worried about this documentary not being authentic to Bowie’s legacy then have no fear because firstly it has been given the go ahead by David Bowies family and secondly Brett Morgan is someone that can be trusted to make a great documentary.

Morgen has brought us Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck, Chicago 10, Crossfire Hurricane and Jane. Which means that not only is he great at handling sensitive material, but he is well accustomed to working with larger than life figures, significant moments in history and the music scene. I could think of no one better for this job. And the fact that Morgen was given access to Bowies personal records and work will make this all the more fascinating.

As a Bowie fan I have to say I cannot wait to see this one.

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