I Was Wrong About Pokimane

I know that some of you will think I am a Simp, cuck, betaboy etc just for saying this. But honestly, I do not care, I was completely wrong about the Pokimane situation. I focussed entirely on the most recent trespasses by Jidion.

If you are somehow not up to date on the situation then I will fill you in. Stream Jidion got permanently banned from Twitch for sending his followers to abuse Pokimaine, he then begged Ninja to help him get his ban overturned, and when Ninja showed apparent support for this Pokimane called him out on this, leading to her being threatened with defamation. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. 

In a recent post to her, Twitter Pokimane listed a lot of Jidion’s most recent shitty behavior. Such as talking trash about her on Twitter, sending his followers to follow her and trash talk her followers, being overly sexual about her, after the ban Jidion changed his profile pic to a picture of Pokimane with no make-up, being called a slut, and many other terrible things by his followers and so much more.

For the full list please see below. (In my personal opinion he is clearly into her but is possible put off by her being bigger than him so he acts like a bratty child and torments her, either that or he is a sexist bully – possibly both)

And yes some of you may call me a hypocrite because I have made articles in the past talking about women in the nerd sphere that I find attractive, but there are ways of doing it that are not so disgusting. Jidion really showed his true self here. And what makes it worse is a lot of people found it funny and encouraged him, not to mention others who ignored his shitty behavior. Simply put, none of this is ok.

Taken apart these events can sometimes seem quite small but none of us see the whole picture, the constant harassment, and bullying that women get online is ridiculous. And really if you have made it this far and are rolling your eyes, why is what I am saying bothering you?

If any of you follow me online you will know I am friends with a few girls who are gamers and they have all felt it, not to the same extent Pokimane has, but enough that it is a common theme. And yes we all know that it is not all men, but it is enough. You would not let someone speak like this to your Sister, Mother or Daughter so why let someone speak like this to a total stranger – yes gender should not be a factor but sadly it is. 

Like I said Pokimane is not the only women to receive this level of harassment, but she would be the one with the highest-profile. It is the kind of behavior we need to stop. There really is not much I can do, other than call people out on their shit. And try to support anyone getting this sort of abuse.

And before I end this I just want to point out how classy Pokimane is, because after all the shit she received she had this to say.

She is a far better person than me.

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