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Dynamite: Sheena: Queen of The Jungle #3

When last we left our heroine she was trapped in a massive high-tech nature reserve and being hunted by a truly monstrous beast. With only her wits and some very low-tech gear, Sheena manages to survive longer than anyone else and it seems that by our third issue the Queen of the Jungle has begun to unravel the dark secrets that this place holds.

There is a minor spoiler warning from this point onwards…

I do not think any of us will be shocked that the big faceless corporation turned out to be lying, corrupt pieces of garbage. But there are still some little subtleties that help keep up the intrigue. One such subtitle is the fact that we still do not know why they would want to bring Sheena in on this mission?

As we know Sheena is the best at what she does, but surely the higher-ups have to know that she will not approve of what they are doing. I look forward to seeing what their motivations and end goals are.

Also, I do love the reveal of what the beast is, and what Sheena’s reaction to the reveal is. Writer Stephen Mooney has given her a moral compass similar to that of Captain America and at no point is it ever boring. In fact, I find the limitations on her morality make her choices all the moral compelling. It means that Sheena and by extension of that the writer has to use more creative solutions to some of the darker problems.

In an issue packed with revelations and some fantastic action, it looks like this series still has a lot more to offer us. And if you want to grab yourself a copy then you will be happy to know that it is on sale from the 26th of January 2022.


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