Alanah Pearce Is Ready To Go To War Over An NFT

I really hate NFT’s, maybe I am just showing my age here. But they have become the absolute embodiment of the worst parts of Capitalism. And do not get me wrong, in the beginning I was fascinated by them, but the more and more I read about them, the more disgust I gain for them. The latest piece of
“news” from this dumpster fire of a subculture is the personal attack on Nerd Personality Alana Pearce. Some prick has decided to go ahead and create an NFT by using a photo of her and putting it with a porn logo. 

Not only is this toxic as hell but crap like this will be the reason why NFT’s end up being regulated in a far stricter fashion.

Naturally, Alanah has not taken this lightly and has displayed the usual fire that her fans have come to both respect and adore with a Twitter post stating:

In extremely predictable news I’ve just been informed that somebody has taken an image of me, that *I* own, added a trademarked porn logo to it, and “minted” it to sell for profit as an NFT. Naturally, I was not asked for permission.

I cannot wait for the lawsuits.

Of course, Alahan Pearce is not the only person to suffer from this and there are plenty of others.

Interestingly enough Opensea, who sell the NFT’s would make this statement to Pedestrian Tv: “It is against our policy to sell NFTs that violate the publicity rights of others. We regularly enforce this in multiple ways, including delisting and banning accounts when we are notified that usage of a likeness is not authorized.

“Furthermore, we have a zero-tolerance policy for NCII (non-consensual intimate imagery). NFTs using NCII or similar images (including images doctored to look like someone that they are not) are prohibited, and we move quickly to ban accounts that post this material. We are actively expanding our efforts across customer support, trust and safety, and site integrity so we can move faster to protect and empower our community and creators.”

If the industry does not sort its shit out it is going to end up shooting itself in the foot.

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