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Dynamite: Purgatori (Vol. 2) #4

I think I have told you all how much I have loved this series on more than one occasion (queue random flashbacks to you all reading my past articles). Sorry for my weird little addition to kick this article off, I just seriously adore this series. And why wouldn’t I?

Each issue is the perfect mix of dark fantasy infused with mythology, action, and a healthy dose of comedy, I did not think it could get any better. Then tissue 4 rolled around and this one brings in a lot of drama, which elevates the series to an entirely new level.

Issue Four takes us into Purgatori’s past and we get a hint of who and what she really is. We also discover that she takes the phrase of you are what you eat to an altogether new place. We find out that her mood and personality are altered based on the people she feeds upon, the more good people she kills, the more good she is and the same goes for evil. This gives her an unusual dilemma, feed on good people and she turns good, but then she feeds on evil, she turns evil, and due to her nature she cannot simply ignore the need to feed. There is a lot that can be done with this and I look forward to seeing how Ray Fawkes further develops it.

I am also enjoying how Fawkes has changed it up with the villains. They went from strong-willed and united to broken and dominated so quickly. Though I am a little sad at the deaths of so many great possible villains, this has led to one quite terrifying, monstrous antagonist, which means we possible have one epic showdown on our hands.

We are four issues in and I will want more. So if you are interested in checking this series out, then I highly suggest you grab yourself a copy, it will be on sale from Wednesday the 19th of January 2022.

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