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Dynamite: Purgatori #2

I do love a woman in red so I guess a demonic woman with blood-red skin was always going to win my heart and Purgatori is utter proof of that. If you are unfamiliar with this ferocious female then allow me to catch you up. This series is a continuation of Vampirella Vs. Purgatori, which followed the two leads as they tried to stop the end of the world. Along the way, the nefarious Purgatori managed to make herself God and now she is learning that once you reach the top, everyone’s gunning for you.

Most of this issue takes place in Norway and see’s our Heroine take on Trolls, Ice Wolves, and Draugr (I know my inner Skyrim Nerd was squealing in delight). For a second issue, this series is a book that is jammed packed full of action, with a couple of hilarious flashbacks and a new character for us to meet, it really is a satisfying continuation to the series. Writer Ray Fawkes is not holding back and that has me very excited to see what comes next.

And finally, I could not get enough of the art Álvaro Sarraseca has done a fantastic job informing this world mix in the colours of Salvatore Aiala and you have such a striking issue, especially since our main character stands out against the frozen forest where she spends her time hunting for her foe. From start to finish such a joy to read and is on sale as of today, so definitely check it out.

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