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Dynamite: Elvira Meets Vincent Price #3

Before you have even begun reading this book you are already dealing with a 4th wall break and a reminder that it is about two legends of horror cinema trying to save the world from an Egyptian God. If you want a normal book then go read the Fantastic 4, if you want to read something that is truly fantastical stay here and read Elvira Meets Vincent Price. Trust me there is nothing like it.

We have seen California and England, issue three now takes us to Cairo and it is chalked full of references to Indiana Jones and Allan Quatermain, which is just so appropriate. The book even calls out institutions such as the British Museum for being grave robbers and in a final act of brilliance they even give us a nice lesson on ancient Egyptian Gods. What other books can say all that?

If I said any more I would just spoil the plot. So I will shut my mouth and keep this one short but sweet.

David Avallone is a mad genius and this maniacal masterpiece is made all the better by the fabulous art of Juan Samu and the gorgeous colours of Walter Pereyra. They have given me this delicious pulpy universe that I cannot help but want to dive into.

And if like me you cannot help but find this enticing then I am glad to tell you that Elvira Meets Vincent Price #3 is on sale from the 17th of November 2021, so why not grab yourself a copy?

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