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Dynamite: Vampirella Holiday Special

Did I ask for this… No!

Did I want this… No!

After reading it do I want more, YES A THOUSAND TIMES YES !!!


It really is hard to believe that Christmas is almost upon us, then again as I pondered this issue I actually started building a little Christmas surprise for my other half so I really should not be shocked. But with Christmas always comes the Christmas specials. Just seeing those words together conjures up images of the guys from Friends in ridiculous outfits, Father Ted when a bunch of priests gets lost in the underwear section of a department store, any of Communities insane entries, and of course the Dr Who Christmas Specials. But I never thought about checking out what the world of comics has to offer…

The Vampirella Holiday Special sees our titular hero take on three expert hunters who have based themselves on the ghosts from a certain Charles Dickins novel. But this tale is more Die Hard than Muppets Christmas Carol, as Vampirella must run through the streets being stalked by a classic demon hunter, a big guy that likes it when things go boom, and a child prodigy who has a literal army of mythical beasts. 

This is not an easy fight, but it is such a satisfying read.

And after you are done with that there are a couple of little shorts that will just warm your heart.

Another fantastic read from Dynamite.

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