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Vampirella Vs. Purgatori #1 Review

Vamperella has always been a comic that I was aware of, yet never read. As a kid my friends older brother had a poster of her on his wall and well young me was fascinated with her. Yet I always avoided her due to the stigma that came it and after reading my first ever issue of her I feel like kind of a fool, when they say don’t judge a book by its over, it applies to books like this.

Since it is the first issue in the current story arc so it is mostly just establishing what is going on, which means this is the perfect place for new comers to just jump right in. If like me you are unfamiliar with Vamperella then basic run down of what you need to know is that she is the protagonist of this series and she is at odds with her mother Lilith. Lilith being the first wife of Adam and the mother of all demons. From there the rest is pretty self-explanatory.

So far, the series is both dark and pulpy and I absolutely love that vibe. Combining elements of Horror, fantasy and of course a healthy dose of all things sexy. not only is it a unique and fun story but the book is simply gorgeous to look at. If like me you are missing Supernatural this book might just fill that void in your life. This is the perfect start for you newcomers so come walk with the sinners and enjoy a tale that is a devil of a good time. If you want to read it keep an eye out for the release on the 24th of March Via Dynaimte.


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