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Red Sonja – Issue 25 Review

Red Sonja is one of the most iconic characters in the genera of Swords and Sorcery. From her early days in the pulp magazines of the 1930’s (though this version is very different from the one we know now), to her comics of the 1970’s, the 1985 film and her resurgence a feminist icon, it really is hard to miss her. That is why when we had the chance to review her newest title, we were not going to turn that down.

Dear readers this is one that does not disappoint…

Written by veteran Red Sonja writer Luke Liberman this book sees a young women on a quest to find the legendary Red Sonja. So, we are just starting and there is already a quest happening. Dear sweet reader I have to ask how are you not wanting more of this?

Meanwhile our titular heroine is just being the definition of badass. Obviously, I cannot say too much but a room full of nude bandit’s vs one red headed sword wielding warrior women – well I think you can guess who is going to be winning that fight. It all comes to a head in a gladiatorial arena battle to the death and oh my god I just want more…

I would be remiss if I did not mention the gorgeous art work, created by Drew Moss, whose work on the Crow series was fantastic and Dearbhla Kelly took that art and just brought it to life with some fantastic work as a colourist.

This book is just the gift that just keeps giving because we are not done yet, Red Sonja has a backup feature. Written and illustrated by Will Robson (Future Foundation & Spider-Ham) this story is completely separate from the main one and sees a younger Sonja getting herself into a spot of trouble. With cursed objects and dungeon delving what else could you want from a fantastical tale?

I genuinely had a few hesitations going into his, mostly because it is issue 25, but from start to finish I loved the entire book and found it easy to pick up what I needed to know.

So if you are looking to read this fantastic issue all you need to do is wait till the 24th and head over to Dynamite for more information


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