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The Drew and Look Podcast Episode 8 – Sociological Fiction: New Politics, New Stories

In recent months The Drew and Look Podcast has really been covering a wide variety of topics. All the way from the Hoff to religion, Andy Luke is willing to tackle and and all issues. And that is what makes this Podcast so great. This month see’s Andy delves into a topic that at first made me stop and scratch my head – Sociological Fiction: New Politics, New Stories.

This one is quite personal and Andy does talk quite a bit about his own past experiences so if you are a people person you will be heavily interested in his personal journey – which we will further get into later in this brief write up.

I can break this down into two different halves. Firstly, what is Sociological fiction?

Andy talks a lot here about how shows have evolved from having the one central character to how they are driven by a group of people specifically mentioning The Wire and Game of Thrones – among other shows. He talks about stories like this allow the writers to avoid the classic tropes that Tv shows tend to follow. As a DS9 fan I really can appreciate this.

Secondly Andy talks about his upcoming work and that is a little bit political and a little bit creative, tying in with Belfast’s occupy movement. 

To add a bit more spice into this mix Andy takes a very academic look at these topics and makes full use of his background to education and personal experiences to bring us this wonderful unique podcast.

As always if you are curious then check out the Podcast here.

And as always check out Andy Luke’s links below


Amazon – where you can grab some books by Andy himself





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