Miles Morales Will Be Front & Center In The Next Spider-Man Game

Few games hit me right in the feels like Spider-Man PS4. Not only did it have an amazing, well paced and engrossing story, but the graphics, gameplay and voice acting where all on point. It was truly everything needed to take a game from good to great. One of the highlights from the game where the brief missions where you played as Miles Morales. You went from innocent bystander, to victim to hero in training. Granted we never had a chance to play as him in his Spider-Man persona, but the game and it’s expansions took us right but to Miles Morales starting down the path of the Superhero.

I know a lot of people may be annoyed at not having Peter as the protagonist in this new game, but honestly having Miles in the role makes perfect sense.

ONE. It will explain why you are not starting off with all the benefits from the original game.

This is a really pet peev of mine but I hate starting a sequel when your character was once a badass but now is a total newb again. God Of War 2 and Mass Effect 2 handled this very well. In one game you where forcible depowered while in the second you are brought back from the brink of death. This way we will not have to explain away all of the awesome abilities that we had in the first game.

TWO. It is a new story for a new hero. With Miles we kind of a blank canvas because he has only appeared in one Tv show and one movie. The wider world does not know his story, while with Peter EVERYONE knows hist story. So this gives us some great scope.

THREE. It will let Peter grow. This new game will show Peter as a mentor and maybe give him the opportunity to have a life, something that any fan knows he deserves. Plus in the sequel we could have Peter come out of retirement for an awesome Cooperative game, now how awesome would that be?

Still this game is exactly what we all need and if you do not want a PS5 after seeing this trailer then there is something wrong with you.

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