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PNY – Micro SDXC 128GB Review

I am sure that plenty of you will be wondering how the hell am I going to review a Micro SD card?

Honestly I found myself feeling the same way. But after looking further into it, I found the process to be surprisingly easy.

I am someone who is constantly on the go. And when I travel any distance I usually am loaded with tech.

I am always packing my phone, my cameras and more often than not my Nintendo Switch Lite. So it stands to reason that I am going to have a lot of memory cards on or about my person. Well the PNY Elite microSDXC has to be one of the best bargains I have ever come across. It currently sits at approx £20 on Amazon, which for a decent memory card is nothing. And this card can:

  • Store over 20 hours of Full HD video content, or more than 6 x 20GB games

  • Achieve speeds of up to 90MB/s

  • SD Card Adapter included so the card to be used with other devices, such as DSLRs, camcorders, laptops, etc.

  • PNY memory cards have a lifetime warranty in USA and a 5-year warranty in Europe.

I tried it out when I downloaded a few games onto my switch and everything went perfect, all I need to do is get another one for my tablet.

No Surprise to anyone but as a gamer this product gets my full support and I think I will be purchasing more PNY products in the future.

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