PeachMilky Proves Once Again She May Actually Be Aerith

It has been a few weeks since Final Fantasy 7 Remake came out and It does not seem like the love for the game is showing any signs of dying out. For many fans a great part of that love has been all thanks to Aerith Gainsborough. In the original game Aerith’s reputation was intrinsically tied to the fact that she was fated to die, but with FF7R they have changed things up. Aerith has become a fully realized lead character one that one that you spend a lot of time with and one that many of us are probably struggling not to fall for. In a recent post we discussed how Cosplayer Peachmilky completed a pitch perfect Aerith Cosplay. Well her latest artwork see’s Peachmilky take on Aerith’s Fancy Red Dress and at this point I really think she is Aerith.

Not only does the dress look flawless, but she has the hair perfectly on point. If you are not familiar with this outfit then it is one of the dress options you can unlock in Chapter 9 of FF7R. 

Unfortunately due to Covid restrictions the cosplayer was unable to do a proper shoot and instead took the pictures in her own apartment. Personally I think this worked out for the best, she is of course a stunning beauty, but the red dress really just pops especially when put in front of an all white background. If you are looking for more details on the outfit then you should check out her Twitter as she is very open and candid about what she did to create the look.

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Corneo’s got certain…..tastes.

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If you have played Final Fantasy 7 Remake and are looking to unlock this dress then the process is incredibly simple. In the game there are 3 dress options for you to unlock. And you might be thinking that the crucial step to unlock these dresses comes in Chapter 9 with the massage payment or the battle in the arena, but no the crucial steps are all in chapter 8.

If you complete 0-2 of the side quests you will unlock the smallest simplest dress, while 3-5 will unlock you the more elegant pink dress and finally if you complete all 6 you get the red dress complete with adorable cut scene of Cloud being completely speechless at Aeriths entrance.

As you can see Peachmilky perfectly captures everything about Aerith and if you are a fan you really should check out her Patreon Here.

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