Peach Milky Makes A Perfect Aerith

With The Final Fantasy 7 Remake due out in a matter of days the hype train is really starting to ramp up. If you are like me you will want to be consuming all forms of FF7R media to sate yourself until the game is finally in your hands and on that note I present to you one of the most spot on Final Fantasy 7 Remake cosplays I have ever seen.

The Cosplayer in question here is Peach Milky and Highly advise you check out her Instagram and Twitter she is a brilliant cosplayer and currently lives in Tokyo so her feeds are always interesting to view. In the photo she is Cosplaying as Aerith Gainsborough. If you are not famialr with FF7 then Aerith is a young woman who joins the eco-terrorist organization AVALANCHE. As the story progresses, AVALANCHE begin to pursue the game’s antagonist Sephiroth, and the player learns that she is the last surviving Cetra, or “Ancient”, one of the planet’s oldest races.

If you are familiar with FF7 then you will know her as the character whose fate utterly breaks our hearts…

As you can see from her outfit she goes that extra mile and completely embraces the character. Yes I know that sounds kind of silly but it really isn’t. She is not putting on the outfit she is posing in a manner to how we he viewers would imagine Aerith to pose.

If you are a fan of this cosplay then please check out a full list of Peach Milkys links below.


Instagram (Main Account)

Instagram (Modelling)




You might say she is Peach Perfect…


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