CYBERCON 2020 Is Here To Get You Through COVID-19

By now I am pretty sure I am far from the only person who is missing contact with the human species. As much as I loathe going out and about, It is the cons and my fellow nerds that I truly miss. After all we are about to enter convention season and it sucks that so many have had to cancel. Though it is understandable. So if like me you are missing the conventions that this pandemic has forced into cancellation then I have the solution for you. 

May I present CyberCon 2020.

CyberCon will be held from April 17 thru April 19, 2020, as a 100 % online convention, making it 100 % safe. Not only is it 100% safe is it also free. So if you are interested in this then head over to their Facebook page, because it will be streamed there. Starting at 2 noon Friday April 17, 2020 continuously until 6 p.m. Sunday April 19.  The schedule is incredibly varied will include musicians, artists, performance and demonstration groups and podcasters, as well as interactive panels and discussions, and even an online cosplay contest.

“The best way to describe it is as a kind of telethon or better yet, ‘Comic-thon,” said event host and author G.W. Pomichter.  “It is a way for the many entertainers and creative artists who would typically be attending comic conventions or concerts, to interact and entertain fans who also find themselves alone at home.”

Personally I think this is an amazing idea, it helps bring the community together and give us all something to look forward to in these trying times. We really need this because frankly the world just sucks, personally me I was really looking forward to Dublin Comic-Con and also seeing Critical Role at London MCM but that has all now been cancelled. So why don’t we all stick on our favorite onsies, grab some snacks and maybe a beer and enjoy Cybercon 2020 together.

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