The Half Of It Looks Like Something We All Need

I could do what everyone else is doing and tell you that this film is an Asian American Queer take on Cyrano de Bergerac or I could do the film justice and let it stand on its own. The Half Of It follows boring shy, straight-A student Ellie Chu. Her life makes her feel isolated and friendless in her remote and backwater town. It is here that she makes some cash penning homework papers for her fellow high school students. At this point the film came off as pretty stereotypical and even a little racist, having the quit Asian girl write peoples papers for them, but then the films gives us our curve ball.

Eventually Ellie reluctantly agrees to help the school jock Paul Munsky write love letters to Aster Flores, the girl they both secretly love. As all three embark on an unexpected journey of discovery, they form a complicated triangle of friendship as they come to terms with their own unexpected feelings about love and find connection in the most unlikely of places.

A big selling point for this movie is that it was directed by the amazing Alice Wu. Back in 2005 Alice directed the Sweet but Funny Saving Face and again if you are a fan of movies that do not follow a straight white couple then it is a film you need to see.

As much as I love how this is Queer representation done right and how it helps show case diversity I actually just adore how this film showcases the friendship between a straight man and a gay women and how being friends with someone who is completely different can and will be to your betterment. This film looks like it going to be a gut punch but one I strangely want so I guess all I can say is BRING IT ON.

(Side note I am just really excited to see anything with Collin Chou in it, he plays the father in this but you will all remember his as Seraph in the Matrix Trilogy)

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