Disney Finally Teased Their Marvel Plus Shows

I guess this really was inevitable that Disney was going to show us these shows, this weekend and in a teaser that is only 30 seconds we are left wanting. It is almost as if Disney are masters of the tease.

There really is not much I can tell you at this point, because we do not see much though I will try.

We open with Sam trying to learn to be “Captain America” I am guessing at this point he has yet t figure out to be “His own Captain America”. Though I would like it if he gained his own super soldier serum. Or would that cheapen it?

Next we see him chasing a few bad guys through a canyon in his falcon suit and I cannot tell if that is the shield or not on his back.

Cut to Bucky holding Zemo at gun point. Now this is interesting because Zemo was one of Marvels best villians and to see him back, well this pleases me.

Cut to an idealized Vision – I guess Wanda is beginning to push her powers beyond their limits. Or she is beginning to spiral – both are not good.

We quickly cut through multiple outfit changes for Wanda – one of which – or should I say Witch – is her original comic book costume. And we can now see why this was never used in the films. Though as a fan of the character this kind of works for me.

Cut to a shot of Wanda’s dream scenario.

Then the dream is over.

Cut to American Agent – not Sam Wilson, running onto a Football flied being marketed as the new Captain America.#

Then we finish on Loki and all I can say is I WANT MORE !!!!!



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