Dogs Don’t Wear Pants Looks Like What We All Need Right Now

We are finally into the third and final month of winter, yet still the dark days have not left us. This time of year often makes me feel like I am trapped in an rather dull and repetitive void. I guess that is why I always look for darker and more original forms of traditional entertainment, which is possible why a film like Dogs Don’t Wear Pants has clicked with me so much.

The film follows Juha, who has tragically lost his wife in a drowning accident. After many years have passed he has struggled to move on due to his inability to truly feel anything. The numbness has utterly consumed him and stopped his being able to develop true human connections. All that changes upon his meeting with Mona, who just happens to be a Dominatrix.

I think you can all see now why this would appeal to anyone bored of the mundane mediocre life that winter brings. Not only does the film bring us into this strange and mysterious world, but it lets us follow someone into it. Almost like entering the doors to Narnia, a world we all know about yet one most of us will never see.

It is easy to see why this film is somewhat of a festival darling and as for me I am 100% sold on this movie and I hope you all are too. The film will be released in UK cinemas by Anti-Worlds on March 20th

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