Final Fantasy VII Please Stop Looking So Good

It is a little over two months till launch day and I can hardly wait, this game looks bloody great and every trailer teases us with so much more.

Before i even get into the trailer just sit back and enjoy that music, fans of the series will be more than familiar with it…

Final Fantasy VII truly looks like a cinematic masterpiece, just take a look at this opening shot.

It captures a beautiful and sweet moment that will further develop Cloud and Tifa.

Of course the internet is a flutter with news of Clouds dress.

The shots of Cloud walking around the streets do look a little linear but they do look rather beautiful. Up next is a scene steeling performance by the irreplaceable Mark Hamill. He plays sleazy so well and I cannot wait for more.

Ye I am definitely not ready for Aerith to die.

Our newest villian does show some promise and I do wonder what he can do.

I believe most of us where waiting for this moment, the return of Red XIII

The showdown we all wanted.

And the battle system does look so smooth

The game really does look beautiful.

Yes I will be playing this game on Launch Day.

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