Another Fantastic Performance By The Irish Video Game Orchestra

If you have been following our exploits recently you will know that over the past few weeks we have been attending con, after con, after con and it was been pretty fun. With TitanCon happening a scant week ago I was looking back on my highlights and one such highlight struck me as something that frankly needs more attention.

On the Friday night of TitanCon me and the rest of the guests where treated to a performance by the Irish Video Game Orchestra and like all other performances this was a truly enjoyable event.

If you have not heard of The Irish Video Game Orchestra then let me introduce you to these fine folks. Taken directly from their homepage:

“Based out of Belfast, the Irish Video Game Orchestra has stunned audiences throughout Ireland and the United Kingdom. Combining the sound of a live orchestra with the sights of video playback and an energising light show, the IVGO presents a show unlike any other.”

When they say show like no other they really mean it.

This is the only Orchestra I know of that encourages audience participation in their show and when I say audience participation I want you all to know that it is not mandatory, plus it is all in good fun.

Robert Luke Martin runs the group with a commanding yet relaxed manner. Where maybe a more traditional orchestra is run like a Navy with Conductor filling in for an Admiral, these talented folk work more like a pirate crew, everyone is there in equal status and everyone is there because they truly love what they do. Love is the key to their success, they love their music, they love their work and it shines through in the meticulous dedication to their incredible craft.

With their latest show they really blew us all away giving us a performance including songs from Skyrim, Chrono Trigger, Undertale, Zelda: Orcharina Of Time, Tetris, Game Of Thrones, A Melody Of Studio Ghibli Songs and of course the Pokemon Theme. Of course there where many more but it would be redundantlisting them, because frankly you need to see the Irish Video Game Orchestra perform. My only disappointment is that they where unable to perform a piece from Final Fantasy VI – but there is always next time.

If you are at Q-Con this weekend be sure to check them out, I guarantee you will enjoy every minute of the evening. 

If you want to check out more from this wonderfully talented group then please follow them here:









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