Netflix Really Knows How To Pull On My Heart Strings

I am a dog person, I wasn’t always but from the moment I met my first dog, a tiny nervous German Shepherd puppy, I was a full convert. I know some people out there will also consider themselves anti-dog, but trust me spend some time with a puppy and like me you will love dogs. A few years after I got my first I ended up with a second, this time a hyperactive German Shepherd who needed a home urgently and this one and me would form a very close bond. To put it in perspective this dog was not the brightest yet she seemed to think I’m the one that needed the constant care and companionship so she spent a huge portion of her time “guarding me”.This would involve sleeping right at my bedroom door, so people couldn’t get in, deciding that she should be allowed in the front seat of my car (this was a hard no), not letting people she did not know sit near me and generally just being my shadow everywhere I went. If you have never owned a dog it’s hard to understand but we where friends, we had our own way of communicating, we hung out a lot and we where there for each other, to this day it still breaks my heart that I had to get her put down, I know it was the humane thing to do, but does not make it easier. 

There really is a deep bond between humans and dogs. Humanity took this animal and bastardized it, but we gave it a special place beside us, that place in some cases is abused but for the most part the bond between humans and dogs can bring out the best in their owners. This new Netflix series will help show how important and special this bond can be.

The initial episode will follow the relationship between an 11-year-old girl who suffers from traumatic seizures and her certified therapy dog. While the second will follows a Syrian man who risks everything to bring his dog across the border to Lebanon. 

The cynic in me looks at this and see’s it as a cheap win for Netflix, the series wont cost much to make and there for has a higher chance of Survivability unlike Luke Cage and Iron Fist. But in the end I can not help but give into my love for dogs and see this a pallet cleanser and something I will be watching.

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