10 Of Our Favorite Lucille Bluth Quotes

With the sad passing of Jessica Walter I only thought it was appropriate that I go through some of my favorite quotes by her from Arrested Development. For some reason I always found her words to be mean, yet the way they where delivered they where always hilarious.

The Ultimate put down – lets face it we all wish we could have this level of big balls energy and just make someone feel this insignificant. 

I heard someone yell this at a convention and ever since then it has become just one of my favorite quotes

Yep she reminds me of my mother…

It really should not be funny, but it is just hilarious.

When competing with her frenemy Lucille 2 on who has it worse her with a husband in jail or Lucille 2 who had a dead husband.

Well she isn’t wrong.

Her thoughts on “The Gays”…

She can mean when sober too

When talking to her son about his dead wife.

And I just love how she was never wrong…

There are so many other great quotes, what was your favorite?


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