RWBY – Mirror Mirror

I am a huge fan of RWBY, there is no denying it, I have purchased the series games, loved each series, obsessed over the most minor details, kickstarted their board game and enjoyed their latest book. For some yet unknown reason Weiss has become my favorite character, perhaps it is because I can relate to her on a few bizarre levels, or maybe it’s because she kicks ass in a very unique way, who knows and who cares really.

At this point you are probably wondering why am I talking about Weiss Schnee?

Well with the success of the first Ruby Anthology manga Viz have released a second, this time featuring everyone’s favorite ice cold heiress, Miss Schnee herself.

(Also a quick note if you have never watched RWBY just picture it as Hogwarts but everything turns into a gun)

Weiss is a fantastic character, someone that is constantly judged by those around her, someone that everyone assumes is a delicate flower, just because she is the daughter of a rich and powerful man. Throughout the series she has constantly proven that she is not someone to underestimate and that this white rose has more than thorns to protect her. More than that Rooster Teeth have taken their time fleshing her, instead of being the stereotype of rich person who is good at fighting, you know like Batman, she has her own unique traits where she is definitely a women of her own mind and one that is dedicated to protecting her friends at all costs. So if you want to see a women with definitive sense of style beat the living tar out of some bad guys while trying to live her ever day life you will be a quick convert to this book of short story collections showcasing Weiss and the gang.


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