The RWBY board game has hit Kickstarter

Seriously guys, I am trying to save money, I am going to Chester at Christmas, then in February I am flying to Japan along the way I will be visiting the Republic of Ireland and possibly Wales as well. Mixed in with my travels is gas, electricity, the car, food and of course my terrible crippling drug addiction (thats just s joke), sadly Kickstarter has done it again and I am officially funding RWBY: Combat Ready. As you regular readers know I am a big fan of the Team RWBY and their audacious adventures, this has left me in quite a pinch, after playing the video game and rewatching the series a few times I crave more, fortunately/ possibly unfortunately you can now kick start the board game, I say possible yet about 180 minutes ago I kickstarted it, so this article is more of a rant/ attempt by me to be meta and justify what I have done.

At this point I am pretty sure I do not need to fill you in on the details but just in case –  RWBY takes place in the world of Remnant, a world filled with dark demonic beasts known as the “Creatures of Grimm.” Prior to the events of the series, mankind waged a desperate war of survival against the Grimm. Those brave few that battle the Grimm are known as Huntsmen or Huntresses. RWBY focuses on four girls, each with her own unique weapons and abilities. Together, they form team RWBY at Beacon Academy in the city of Vale, where they are trained to become Huntresses. Along with team RWBY we are introduced to a host of other characters, who help round out this fantastic cast of eccentric and energetic characters.

RWBY: Combat Ready is an exciting cooperative game for 2-4 players. It captures the flavor and excitement of the series, with fast-paced battles where all players are actively involved and engaged at the same time. See any game that encourages you to coperate, well thats just fun, your probably less likely to fall out with your friends, unless your as big an ass as I am. While playing as one of our hard as nails heroins you and your comrades in cards will be forced to take down some of RWBY’s most iconic villains, from a pre set scenario. To make this game unique each characters has her own play style and even your opponents will vary as well based on which stance they take (see video below).

I could give you an in depth look at how you play this game, but honestly the Kickstarter page covers everything in perfect detail. I am speaking to you as fan of the series and its a great project, RWBY puts female characters front and center and never makes an issues of it. RWBY has fast paced action, which this board game emulates spectacularly and its just a joy to watch, taking you thrilling scenes, to laugh out loud comedy, then onto sombre and sad moments  finally coming back to the exhilarating combat that we love so much, RWBY is one of the best shows that the internet has ever given us and as a fan I really think its worth the watch.

The greatest aspect of this game is it versatility, RWBY has a fantastic cast of characters with diverse backgrounds and abilities that compliment each other in various unique ad wonderful ways. At this point one of the stretch goals is to unlock Penny as a character, Just to remind you Penny is the Sword wielding android who befriends RWBY in season 2, other stretch goals are proper character models, but if the game became a hit – and why shouldn’t it? – you could see Teams JNPR, SSSN or even other unique characters come into the mix. The diversity and variety of the cast is what can really make this game a truly unique experience and one that’s worth backing.

One final reason why you need to back this, there is a character yet to appear in RWBY and the creative team behind the game have promised us a sneak preview if they reach the final stretch goal.


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