Hillywood Give Us A Second Supernatural Parody

It seems that I am very late to the party in discovering The Hillywood Show, but for anyone in the dark like myself The Hillywood Show is a YouTube channel where sisters Hannah and Hillary Hindi create parodies to popular movies, songs and television shows. It’s pretty much as simple as that, they do what dozens of other channels do, but far better. 

Their latest target is Supernatural, though this is the second time visiting the world of Supernatural. In Supernatural Parody 2 they do an excellent mashup fusing together Supernatural and Ghostbusters. Though using the Ghostbuster music is catchy its the cameos and production value that are truly amazing.

Like their initial parody, Hannah Hindi is in the directing chair. Hilly Hindi stars as  Dean Winchester, and starring as Sam is everyone’s favorite Supernatural prophet Osric Chau. Now I did mention cameos and the list does not stop at Osric Chau, it also includes Richard Speight (Gabriel/The Trickster), Jim Beaver (Bobby), Kim Rhodes (Sheriff Jody Mills), Jacob Allen Abel (Adam), Julian Richings (Death), Mark Pellegrino (Lucifer), the always awesome Misha Collins and of course the actual Sam and Dean. (Btw I have seriously glossed over this list because there are so many cameos It took me a second viewing to I think catch them all)

As we are leaving summer and entering Autumn this creative yet fun video is the perfect way to put the smiles back on your faces. Not only is it incredibly well made but they managed to pull so many fan favorites into the project it just oozes love and that is something that will easily put a smile on your face.

Anyway I am off to watch it again…


If you where worried about spoilers this video is surprisingly light on spoilers, instead its filled with lots of subtle nods to the overall series.

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