Wrecking Ball Will Be With Us Very Soon

Overwatch’s 28th hero will be with us by the end of this month and the fans cannot wait. For those of you who lived under a rock this little hero is named Hammond but in the game he will be kicking ass under the name Wrecking Ball. He is a genetically enhanced hamster of death who has a heavily armed mecha to move about in, one that reminds me of the Droideka from the Star Wars Prequel trilogy.

The best way I can describe Wrecking Ball is if Mad Max did hamster balls. He has two forms one a ball with grappling hook and the other a little crab like bot with quad cannons, either way he will be fun to play. Add in his adaptive shields, plus the ability to plant mines and you have yourself a machine of utter destruction, one that many of us cannot wait to use in competitive.

Of course a new character also means new skins and there are some great ones like a space one, a toxic waste one and two Mad Max themed ones.

If you have Overwatch for the PC, you can try out Wrecking Ball and dress him up in any of these skins right now.

You can access the Public Test Realm through the app’s Region/Account drop-down menu.

For everyone else Hammond will be available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC on July 24.

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