iZombie season 4 episode 6: My Really Fair Lady

What a cameo in having Rachel Bloom appear as the gender bending lead in a zombie version of Rent. Is there a better way to open your episode? 

Liv on theater nerd brain was not wasted, though obviously I really wanted to see a musical episode, doesn’t everyone? She was over the top, dramatic and hilarious the whole way through the episode. A particular highlight was seeing Liv interact with oh so missed Jonny Frost for a sexual harassment seminar, which was all sorts of awkward, that helped to further show Frosts growth from moronic buffoon into a three dimensional character, who apparently will receive his own talk show called Frost Bite before the seasons end. Liv’s random singing and getting into character moments where just brilliant.

We finally get to see what’s left of Renegade’s network and in doing so we are treated to another Veronica Mars Alumni in the form of Francis Capra and also the always awesome Melissa O’Neil from Dark Matter. They are at first opposed to Liv taking control of the organisation though after her unusual methods worked they have chosen to follow her. It seems like Liv is finally living up to hr full potential and hopefully this new love interest wont die like so many others have.

Ravi went above and beyond in this episode and really showed Peyton how much she means to him by eating the brains of a deceased heroine addict in a grand romantic gesture. Ye that does not sound so romantic but in watching you couldn’t help but get a little weepy, proof that there is no better way to show someone that you love them than by giving up heroine, good life lesson for us all.

I was kind of surprised  by Blaine in this episode, I am beginning to think he is growing as a person. He didn’t kill the dumpster diver and relented on his fathers demands, though he may be playing the long game with Angus – whose reappearance obviously unsettled him, but the biggest surprise was that he didn’t sell Ravi heroine, as a sort of rival for Peyton’s affections it is strange that he would not try and sabotage his only real opposition, or is it that he does not want Peyton to ever see his dark side again and is in his own weird way striving to be a better man.

Babineaux continues to struggle in his relationship with Dale, you can assume that he is the sort of man that throws himself into work to avoid dealing with the crap the world throws at him, the only problem is that the New Seattle homicide division is to good at their jobs and have solved every crime on their books, I guess the zombie partner system is an effective strategy. Back to Clive he really loves Dale and I don’t think its the lack of sex that is annoying him, its that she is sleeping with other people, when he confesses all this to a new possible love interest Dale stands back horrified at what she is seeing, now is she horrified that he cheated or that he turned down another women?

Jumping back to Rvai it was interesting to see that he and major where not at odds and nice that they used his drug addiction to show what Major was up to, made his plot threads far less forced. Still we cant help but feel for Major especially since he is still getting the cold shoulder from Liv and she does not seem to understand he is not the bad guy, he is stuck in a tough situation. Though what will happen when Liv inevitably gets caught, how will Major react?

This still leaves us a few unanswered questions

  • What will Blaine’s response be, he seemed to take his fathers reappearance quite well, but he is the quiet type and I wonder is he just biding his time?
  • Who will catch Liv, will it be Clive, Major or Chase?
  • Why did Major not warn anyone about Angus and his cult?
  • What is going to happen to Clive and Dale?
  • Also its been like two seasons and Liv has not mentioned her family once


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