New Overwatch Event Skins out today

Its that time of year again folks, you know that wonderful time where we get a batch of new Overwatch skins for us to collect. Now that we are all over the Year of the Dog skins its great that Blizzard have given us another batch to gorge ourselves upon and each brings something new to the table.

First up we see that Hanzo can suit up and this ones showing off some style, something I feel that the male skins severely lack. 

For the first time we get to see Moira in her Blackwatch uniform which is the first time we have ever wear anything that was remotely effeminate. Personally I would love to see her in the Overwatch colors and maybe with long hair, but this, this is pretty awesome.

Doomfist changes it up and goes full Talon with this new ensemble, Unlike his usual style this one is a little armored and designed for stealth, though the red warpaint still keeps him grounded in his tribal roots.

Mei on the other hand gets to chill out in her super comfy slippers and summer games t-shirt.

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I'm not to keen on the new #Winston skin #overwatch

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Not really a fan of this Winston skin, it seems like a serious waste.

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#sombra #overwatch

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Sombra finally picks a side and puts on the Talon uniform, I wonder if this signifies that she has officially picked a side and is no longer freelance.

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