iZombie season 4 : Goon Struck

Warning Spoilers Ahead

It seems a lot has happened since last we left the Emerald city. Fillmore graves have been forced into a political nightmare, Major is on a road trip with Don E, Liv is starting to see this Zombie Nation in a totally new light and still the world moves on. We open on Peyton towing a fine line with her trying to defend a bus driver from loosing his job, all because he is suspected of being a Zombie. We find out very quickly that he is not being fed enough, part of the problem is the leak in Fillmore Graves distribution network, this leads to him performing poorly on his job, which is just an excuse for people to want rid of him. Peyton tries to help but in the end her decision to defend him backfires and he ends up killing a lot of people only to be shot himself. Peyton is really stuck between a rock and a hard place here, she did what was right, but was it necessarily the right decision? 

This is all happening at a time when Fillmore-Graves is worried about their optics. Public image has become very important to Chase Graves, he understands that if he does not project the right image then he will loose the city, of course he does not know about the Zombie Cult yet, maybe Major should have mentioned something. For the most part I like Chase, he seem’s like a decent man, just one stuck in an impossible situation. He will do anything to protect his people and he will enforce the rule of law, no matter what. Which is why he reluctantly executes Renegade and I need to emphasize it was reluctantly, he truly struggled with this and personally this was a dam foolish move. On the other hand in a risky but smart move he kidnapped the daughter of a General who wanted to bomb Seattle, using her as a human shield against her fathers blood lust. Even in this he struggled, but he is a military man who understands that he cannot afford to be an honorable man.

To get said daughter he send Major along with Don E, which was just hilarious, since the whole episode we got to see them as a odd couple on a road trip. Sending Major made sense, he isn’t as rigid as his soldiers and he has that disarming charm that would make him ideal for a kidnapping, as for Don E he brought in Blaine’s smuggling contacts. The only problem is the two of them are now left escorting a kidnapped drug addict and they accidentally let her overdoes, leaving turning her into a zombie as their only viable option. Making this difficult decision further pushes Major into the Fillmore-Graves camp and inspires Chase to take his hardened stance.

Though as much as Chase takes a hard stance to uphold the law, he is not above breaking it. Chase now continues to work with Blaine and in fact lets Blaine take the lead on this mission. This leads to the Blaine committing several murders, ones that Chase has his in house investigator throw off course, to hide the fact that all is not so well in Seattle. Chase is trying to plug a leak on a sinking ship and no matter what he does it wont work. Obviously this mess is not his fault, but he is beginning to make a lot of foolish decisions

Liv has begun to unravel how far the corruption really goes, further hammered home by Clive’s references to China Town. She eventually learns that the murders she is investigating where hits by Blaine on behalf of Chase Graves. This all comes to a head at the end of the episode when Chase executes Renegade and now Liv is filled with a righteous fury recruiting one of her original suspects and former ally of Renegade, Levon to her cause. Since he is a Zombie I wonder if he is the future love interest?

Before I get into the deeper meaning of all of this I will take a break from the heavy stuff and cover the lighthearted moments. As much as I loved major and Donny on their zombie road trip nothing in this episode could top Liv on Hockey Goon brain, especially when she is on the ice for the first time and it leads to Clive sitting near some parents watching their kids and we get this lovely bit of dialogue

Hockey Mom: They’re so cute. Which one’s yours?
Clive: The little blond one. [Liv body checks a guy twice her size in front of them]

Followed by Ravi suddenly appearing and this follow up:

Ravi: Oh, hell yes. Thanks for texting me.
Clive: Would you have forgiven me if I didn’t?
Ravi: Never.

Ever since San Diego Comic Con 2017 we knew this was coming, hell they had planned this since season one so the wait was worth it. Hockey Goon brain was absolutely fantastic and her constant need to attack and fight people was just to funny. I think this brain may have been almost therapeutic for Liv.

This episode really went deep, Liv used to sit in a moral grey area between Fillmore-Graves and the regular folks of the world, now she has shifted to taking an active stance against the machine. Though we know this will strain her relationship with Major but what about Ravi, Peyton and Clive, will they be able to stand back and do nothing or will they begin to rebel with Liv. As for moral grey areas Chase is someone I find interesting, his commanders continue to push him to make harder decisions, though he has begun to push back. Will he push back to far and be deposed, or will he eventually do a 180 and swap sides, its hard to tell, either way I see Major always standing by him.

IZombie continues to be a more complex show that anyone gives is credit, this is another episode where emotions run high and now one that proposes: 

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

Still one of the best shows on TV in 2018.

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