The first full trailer for Terminal has just landed

After seeing the first full trailer for Terminal I am still intrigued by its plot and that excites me. To me this looks like a psychological noir thriller, like the kind of films that popped up in the 90’s but with a fantastic cast and boat load of style.  Set in an unnamed city the film will follow two hit-men as they attempt to make their latest kill along their hapless way they will be dragged down a rabbit hole and encounter a dying teacher, a janitor and a very unusual women. As their lives become more and more intertwined they will come to face to face with a deadly foe desperate to exact his revenge upon one or all of them. The film looks stunning and I really cannot wait to see it especially since its something unique and lord knows we all need a little change right now. I am especially glad to see Margot Robbie take on the role of Femme Fatale, something she should be perfect for, not only that but with Simon Pegg and a return to film by Mike Myers, yes this will be quite the spectacle. So keep your peepers out for this one folks.



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