Nerdgeist in Japan – Gundam Base Tokyo

Opening in August 2017 Gundam Base Tokyo replaced Gundam Front Tokyo and is arguably more important to Gundam Nerds than the life sized Gundam Unicorn outside DiverCity. Luckily for you fanatics out there Gundam Base is also inside DiverCity so you wont need to pick between the two. The Gundam Base is a Gunpla (Gunpla are model kits depicting the vehicles and characters of the fictional Gundam universe) store chain, the first of which opened in South Korea in 2003 with 11 branches operating between South Korea, Taiwan and of course as of 2017 one in Japan. Aside from Gunpla, you can get some pretty unique clothing and a few Bandai related products. 

  • Event Zone – A section of the store reserved for special events.
  • Shop Zone – The store offers over 2,000 Gunpla products, including store exclusives and reissues of older Gunpla kits.
  • Gunpla Builders Room – A small workshop where guests can build their Gunpla.
  • Gunpla Tokyo – A gallery of every Gunpla manufactured since 1980.
  • Gunpla Factory – In this section of the museum, guests can view the machine and molds that make Gunpla.
  • STRICT-G – A store that sells Gundam-themed clothing and apparel.

As well as these before you enter DiverCity, right beside the life sized Gundam Unicorn you can visit the Gundam Trailer and Gundam Cafe all of which have their own unique merchandise. 

If you are a Gundam fan I highly recommend you make getting here a priority and while you are here check out Strict-G, it has some very unique and quite stylish Gundam themed clothes. They are subtle so only hardcore Gundam fans will be able to spot what they are, if you cannot make it out here then remember they also have a shop at the Tokyo Sky Tree.

If your looking to get there it’s very easy. Odaiba can be reached in 20 minutes by car from the Tokyo International Airport(Haneda Airport), in 21 minutes by train, and 15 minutes by the Limousine Bus service. From Narita Airport, it can be reached in around 60 minutes by car, in 67 minutes by train, and in 60 minutes by the Limousine Bus service.

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