Ken Watanabe is heading to the Westend

Who doesn’t like Ken Watanabe, he has managed to transition into western films with such ease, probably because he is a wonderfully talented actor with credits like ‘The Last Samurai’, ‘Batman Begins’ and ‘Inception’ under his belt, audiences in the West have become very accustomed to seeing him in these grand impressive roles. Though it appears that Mr Watanabe has a few more tricks up his sleeve, as from June 2018 you will be able to see him performing in ‘The King and ‘. He will be performing alongside Kelli O’Hara, both of whom garnered much acclaim while there where on Broadway, actually I should mention that Ken was the first ever Japanese actor to be nominated for a Tony, for his performance as the King. So with all this buzz, a great lead and a classic, because truly The King and I is a classic, your probably wondering details. The show will be at London Palladium and it will run from the 21st June until 4th August 2018, finally if you want tickets you can get them here.  (Below is a video from the Broadway run)

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